APIs are a fact of IT life. They glue the IT architecture together, and ensure databases, processes and services understand each other. The successful use of APIs enables organisations to continue and even accelerate the digital transformation. But that means they need to be easy to build, find and use. And that requires changing your operations and delivering value to internal and external customers. It is linked to changing your company culture and becoming a data-driven organisation.

Beltug and the API Community Belgium were proud to present this N-sight, offering a deep technical dive with ABN Amro, AG Insurance and FedNot. ABN Amro first tackled APIs for open banking and enterprise integration technology (presentation not available). AG Insurance then shared their journey from mainframe technology to an API-friendly network of distributed Windows-servers. Finally, FedNot updated us on their API strategy within their digital transformation.

Presentations from the event are available to Beltug members (after login).

  • AG Insurance user story: APIs @ AG Insurance: Saying goodbye to the mainframe
  • FedNot user story: API strategy and governance @ FedNot