One of the most important layers of digitisation comprises the applications that support it: whether developed in-house, or purchased externally. The performance of these applications and tools is critical, which is where metrics come in. These are needed in order to monitor everything from user (client or staff) satisfaction (does the software truly support them work more efficiently, more creatively, or more easily), to software response time, server CPU usage and error rates. And those are just a few of the elements to monitor!

At this event, we had a look at some best practices in this area. First, we heard from Inetum-Realdolmen about using user experience metrics to establish short feedback loops. Then, we got two real-life stories: how Worldline is using applications to achieve operational excellence, while FPS BOSA uses them to meet the needs of 8 million citizens.

  • Inetum-Realdolmen presentation: How business and IT can communicate better through shared insights
  • Worldline user story: Operational excellence as a competitive advantage at Worldline
  • FPS BOSA User story: Connecting with the government – indispensable for 8 million citizens