Recently we challenged Oracle and Microsoft, as many Beltug members are customers of one or the other, and have questions regarding their software licensing policies. These include (among other issues) how licence models will evolve with the growth of cloud services.

In particular, cloud services are easy to ramp up, both in terms of number of users and of software functionality deployment. But customers are often penalised for this, through reductions in discounts, change fees, etc., and other elements that drive costs up. In addition, we wanted to explore the exit possibilities for cloud.

It was clear from the conversation and experiences in both sessions how many questions and uncertainties business users face.

Note that in the coming weeks we will challenge Google and SAP.

The presentations from the challenge to Oracle and Microsoft are available for Beltug members (after log-in):

  • Gosselin presentation: Contract management at Gosselin Group
  • Microsoft presentation: Beltug challenges Microsoft
  • Oracle presentation: Oracle Java SE Subscriptions; Protect Your Investment in Java SE