On the first evening, we took a dive into the world of ethical hacking with Inti De Ceukelaire: Head of Hackers at intigriti, ethical hacker and bug bounty hunter.

Less than a decade ago, hacking would send you to jail. Today, ‘ethical hackers’ work hand-in-hand with big companies. Why did this change, and how can companies trust hackers?

Inti described how his identity changed from ‘illegal hacker’ to ‘hero’ over the years, and some of the ethical dilemmas he has encountered along the way. And he shared insights and tips gathered from his daily fight against cybercriminals and from recent observations in the Covid era.

The presentation and recording from this first session are available for our members, after log-in.

  • Inti De Ceukelaire presentation: Hackers: behind the cliché

And don’t miss the presentation from the second VIP evening on ‘Being the local champion‘, with Kris Vervaet, CEO at DPG Media! He shares how the company has been taking on the global media giants, in a world where digital disruption has been changing the face of media consumption.