In November 2021, Colruyt Group opened its first Okay Direct supermarket, which garnered great interest from the press! This first version of a new, innovative, automated, 24/7 shop concept is located in the heart of Ghent, and is open to everyone. But the story starts a year earlier. Achim Kraft, Innovation Officer @Smart Technics, and Tim Van Parys, IT Architect @Smart Technics, shared insight into the technology, approach and challenges of creating innovation as part of the vision of the Colruyt Group.

We have put together a Paper on Colruyt’s experience. It, along with Colruyt’s presentation and the recording from the event, are available for our members (after login):

  • Colruyt’s user story: Adopting innovative technologies, innovation tracks, projects and funnels
  • Colruyt presentation: Adopting innovation technologies: Smart Technics