As with so many areas of ICT nowadays, building a data strategy is not about assembling a ‘one-stop shop’ to create a data-driven company. Both the data and the subsequent analytics strategies bring together data developers, legal, compliance, ICT, business needs, and many more. Furthermore, it will only work if the entire company ‘walks the data talk’ and contributes to reliable, trusted and secured data. In other words, the business and data goals have a symbiotic relationship. At this session, we heard from two CIOs and two experts about taking your data analytics strategy from buzz to practice – and beyond.

CIO of the Year Philippe Van Belle walked us through AG’s unique and innovative replatforming that creates the backbone of a data-driven approach enabling differentiating digital experiences for all stakeholders. Fellow CIO Pascal Kieboom discussed how Aertssen is convincing end users that data is a valuable asset – and not just ‘boring as beans’. And experts Alexiane Moor and Yasser EL Jasouli shared the ins and outs of data mesh architecture: is it all hype?

Presentations from the event are available for our members below (after login)

  • Orange presentation: From data mess to data mesh
  • AG Insurance user story: Major technology shifts to lay the foundations of a data-driven company