With digitisation constantly accelerating in our organisations, the amount of data we hold is growing exponentially. But without proper data management and governance, along with a carefully considered data architecture, we can’t gain good insights from it all – let alone base our business decisions on a valuable analysis.

A data-driven organisation needs to rely on a data mindset throughout the organisation. And it takes a journey to achieve that goal. At this event, we started by learning from delaware about how Data Mesh enables a distributed and scalable architecture for data management. Then we heard three real-life user stories. First Digitaal Vlaanderen explained the Flemish Smart Data Space. Then Lecot shared how a new product data model and flow are helping it achieve its customer satisfaction and organisational efficiency goals. Finally, football club KRC Genk took us into the tailored digital fan experience.

Presentations from the event are available for Beltug members (after login):

  • delaware presentation: Data Mesh Architecting data platforms that can scale organisationally
  • Digitaal Vlaanderen user story: Data exchange using the building blocks of the Flemish Smart Data Space
  • Lecot user story: Designing product data management, governance and architecture for success
  • KRC Genk user story: From a better football fan experience, to an increase in revenue