The strategic value of data and technology is a hot topic within organisations globally. They are thus looking for ways to master data governance in order to achieve the maximum benefit while creating a culture where stakeholders trust how their data is used.

At this Beltug/ISACA event, we focused on the role of digital governance and trust professionals who bring the knowledge and experience needed to align IT with business strategies, to manage IT investments for maximum return on investment, and support resilience in IT operations while minimising risks.

We heard use cases from NATO and PSA, offering insights, best practices and inspiration on how to implement digital governance practices in the organisation and increase trust in digitisation. Then, we presented the findings from ISACA’s Global State of Digital Trust 2023 survey. Afterwards, a panel discussion took on on the future of digital governance and trust: how will it look moving forward, and what are some of the major challenges to overcome? During the break, participants also had the chance to test their knowledge of digital governance and trust practices with an interactive quiz based on ISACA’s Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) certification.

The presentations and the recording of the event are available for our members (after login).

  • NATO user story: IT governance at NATO Headquarters
  • PSA user story: Data governance methodology at PSA – How to make data governance actionable?
  • ISACA presentation: State of digital trust – an ISACA Global Research Report
  • ISACA report: Global State of Digital Trust 2023
  • Questions and results from the IT governance quiz