Controller-Processor checklist

Determining whether a third-party is or could be a processor, controller or joint controller is not always clear. This overview offers you a guideline to categorising a third-party.

General GDPR questionnaire for provider ‘quick scan’

This questionnaire includes just 13 basic questions, covering topics that are valid in every context. It enables you to do a ‘quick scan’ of providers, to ensure that they will be compliant themselves, and will also process customer data in a compliant way.

GDPR payroll consultant questionnaire (NL / FR)

Present this questionnaire to your payroll consultant to verify their own compliance with the GDPR, and to ensure they will process your data in full compliance with the regulation.

Template Data Protection Clause, in cooperation with Allen & Overy

Beltug and Allen & Overy have created a template that you can use for the data protection clause of your IT services contracts.


You’ll find more Beltug tools on embedding GDPR and privacy in your IT operations here.

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Interested in privacy matters? Take a look at the details and mission of the Beltug Privacy Council. This special interest group for experts/practitioners in matters of privacy covers data protection in the business domain, including (but not limited to) the GDPR.