Since ChatGPT had an impact on our discussions, we wanted to see what it had to say on the topic. It shared: “The European Artificial Intelligence Act is a proposed legislation by the European Union aimed at regulating the development and deployment of AI […] and includes requirements for transparency, accountability, and human oversight. It introduces a risk-based approach. […] The AI Act will be the first major regulation of AI in the world.” For the Cyber Resilience Act, it gave us: “Potential issues with proposed regulation include complexity and cost, compliance and enforcement, impact on innovation, trade barriers, and incomplete coverage of cybersecurity risks.”

Interesting, but we felt that we could take a more targeted approach. In this session, we again provided a helicopter view of what CIOs and digital technology leaders need to know about these legal initiatives. We started with Beltug’s plans for the implementation of the NIS2 directive, then offered a ‘small bite’ on the Data Act. The Artificial Intelligence Act was our ‘main course’, with the Cyber Resilience Act as our (very important) ‘dessert’. The ‘chefs’ for our discussion were Beltug President Claude Rapoport and CIO Platform Nederland Director Ronald Verbeek.

Presentations from the event are available for Beltug members (after login):

  • Beltug presentation: Beltug’s starting plans for the implementation of the NIS2 directive
  • Beltug presentation: What’s cooking in the Data Act
  • CIO Platform Nederland presentation: The current situation of the Artificial Intelligence Act & State-of-play of the Cyber Resilience Act