Migrating to the cloud is no longer an exceptional move. Many organisations are taking a ‘cloud first’ approach. Others prefer a hybrid architecture, either mixing on-premise and cloud, or mixing different clouds. In any case, cloud cannot be ignored, and for many solutions, staying on-premise is no longer even an option.

Considering this reality, we took a look at how to handle hybrid environments, and remain in control on all levels: performance, optimisation, the operating model, etc. And we considered what role APIs and microservices play in this architecture.

First, Koen Janssens and Wim Verbeke of Cegeka introduced us to the challenges and advantages of a cloud-native approach. Then Wouter Deceuninck from Deloitte presented an approach to getting financial control over your hybrid IT environment. We wrapped up with the real-life user story from AFOSOC-VESOFO of its evolution from an on premise-only approach to a hybrid architecture.

Presentations and the recording from the event are available to Beltug members (after login).

  • Cegeka presentation: The era of cloud-native development: What are the prerequisites for building enterprise-grade applications?
  • Deloitte presentation: The financial impact of cloud: Cloud FinOps
  • AFOSOC-VESOFO User story: Moving to a hybrid cloud architecture – how far and how long?