During this session, we examined the different aspects of the challenge at hand, from the point of view of companies that need to ensure connectability, and from the installation industry.  And we received an update on the possible solutions and on the status of the ASTRID coverage.

This session was about indoor coverage in larger buildings, and for multi-operator coverage. But this is only a part of the story. For Beltug it is clear there is a serious need for affordable indoor coverage solutions, including for smaller buildings. Small cells are the way to go. We also need to engage in discussion with ASTRID regarding the perspective on how ASTRID makes use of the mobile networks and 5G.

The presentations from the N-sight are available for our members (after login).

  • Ingenium presentation: Indoor coverage in today’s insulated buildings – a multitude of open questions
  • Techlink presentation: Recommendations and perspectives from the installation industry
  • Securitas presentation: Active DAS for competitive ASTRID coverage solutions in medium to large buildings
  • BTG presentation: How Dutch companies save money with a standard for indoor coverage