The digital economy is growing at seven times the rate of the rest of the economy. And while the potential of digital for companies is still not fully exploited yet, some enterprises are already looking beyond. Looking forward, challenges will be encountered in domains of skills, availability of skills, technical environment with slow cloud adoption and various technical choices.

Beltug participated in EuroCIO’s European CIO Conference, held 5-6 December 2018 in Brussels. We are pleased to share with our members (after log-in) the conclusions of the various workshops held. These conclusions are the results of interactive discussions between CIOs from various European Countries

  • Driving Digital Business Models Innovation
  • Reshaping Leadership and Organization
  • Achieving Augmented Intelligence through AI
  • Accelerating Open Source Adoption
  • Complying with Data Privacy Regulations (such as GDPR), up to full Board awareness
  • Enabling Cloud Adoption