As with many digitisation journeys, things usually start small with cloud. An organisation might migrate an existing solution to the cloud, or start with a new cloud-based application, then another, and another… The result is often a cloud load distributed over several different cloud platforms, each with its own capabilities, strengths and particularities. Suddenly, you have a multi-cloud! Perhaps even with individual applications running on several clouds.

A multi-cloud model can certainly offer benefits: from less risk of vendor lock-in, to edge computing at your fingertips, to even more acceleration of your digitisation. But it also has its challenges, such as architectural complexity (and the associated costs) or an accelerated speed of change and data portability, to name just a few.

We had a look during this session at how organisations are juggling or struggling with multi-cloud. First, NTT offered best practices based on the approaches of successful organisations. Next, we heard from AE about the experiences of enterprises and what we can learn from them. Then, Wolters Kluwer shared their real-life experience with multi-cloud in a ‘cloud-first’ strategy.

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  • NTT presentation: Is your company ready for a multi-cloud operating model?
  • AE presentation: The enterprise journey to cloud-native
  • Wolters Kluwer user story: ‘Cloud-first’ at Wolters Kluwer