Microchips fulfil a basic need in many aspects of life, society and organisational operations. And this makes them a key element in our economy. In fact, the current chip shortage is making us more aware than ever about how we and many sectors in our economy depend on them. Just try to imagine how our world would look like without microchips!

During this D-scover session, we explored exactly what is at stake against the backdrop of ever-accelerating digitisation and today’s challenging geopolitical scene, as well as what changes we can foresee in the future. First, we heard about the global value chain and the opportunities for Belgian companies, from imec. Then, Nova Reperta painted us a landscape of Belgian and European startups and scaleups. We finished up with time for questions and thoughts on the topics from the participants.

The presentations and replay from the D-scover are available for our members (after login).

  • imec presentation: Advanced chip technology – the economic impact and geopolitical context
  • Nova Reperta presentation: The European Advantage – How the region is leading the way in Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship