At this session, we explored hybrid IT together, from the increased resilience and redundancy of a distributed workload, to the added complexity of management and integration. Plus security, data governance and balancing costs. Clearly, success in hybrid IT requires much more than simply implementing two environments and hoping for the best.

Proximus started us off with the main drivers and building blocks of a hybrid IT transformation. Next, we heard from Inetum-Realdolmen about how to handle the operating challenges to get the most from your hybrid architecture.  Kyndryl zoomed in on the CIO perspective. Then, we got the real-life story about how VUB combines on-premise and public cloud to service the university’s administration, education and research departments. We wrapped up with time to share participants’ own questions and insight.

Presentations and a recording of the event are available for our members below (after login).

  • Proximus presentation: Hybrid cloud – the IT environment for digital transformation?
  • Inetum-Realdolmen presentation: Cloud as a real driver for innovation
  • Kyndryl presentation: Hybrid IT is here to stay
  • VUB user story: The on-premise ICT infrastructure landscape and public cloud usage at VUB