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Employee Privacy Statement Example Template

Use this example template (created by Beltug and Cranium) as a base for an Employee Privacy Agreement. It explains to employees how and why their personal data may be used within the company or shared with a third party.

Brexit and the GDPR: impact on Belgian companies (one-pager):

The uncertainty regarding the form Brexit will take is causing hardship for companies as they work to ensure GDPR compliance. This one-pager offers some guidance specifically in the case of a ‘hard’ Brexit: responsibilities for controllers/processors between UK and the remaining EU, within the same group, etc.

Personal Data Breach Management Policy

This Beltug tool provides a generic approach that you can tailor for your own breach management policy, to provide inspiration and guidelines for anyone in your company who processes data.

Privacy / Personal Data Protection Management Guidelines

You need to be prepared to take the necessary actions to maintain your GDPR compliance. Tailor this general blueprint to set up your own privacy management approach and plans.

Template consent notice, in cooperation with Allen & Overy

Beltug and Allen & Overy have created a template for requesting consent from customers, staff and other individuals, which communicates how personal data will be used, processed, etc. Use it as a starting point, and then customise it to your specific situation.

Presentation for your Board, in cooperation with DPOffice

Use this presentation to inform your Board about the GDPR. Use the slides and content as you wish, in your own templates and formats, etc. You may add or delete information according to your needs.

Data inventory, in cooperation with Cranium

Your organisation needs an inventory of all the types of information it processes, how that data will be protected, where the sensitive data sits. This tool helps you getting started building your register, as required by Article 30 of the GDPR.


You’ll find more Beltug tools on how to ensure your provider meets your privacy & GDPR requirements here.

Check out our Library for more presentations from other events and activities.

Interested in privacy matters? Take a look at the details and mission of the Beltug Privacy Council. This special interest group for experts/practitioners in matters of privacy covers data protection in the business domain, including (but not limited to) the GDPR.