In this session, we looked both backwards and forwards. How does technology provider Huawei uphold the cybersecurity standards, and what are its views on the NIS2 Directive? What is the position of the Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium – the competent authority for the NIS Directive in Belgium? How does a global company like AholdDelhaize, which might fall within the scope of the NIS2 Directive, perceive it and the implementation of the NIS Directive? And what lessons does Belgian Mobile ID take from its certification under NIS?

The different views provided fuel for a discussion on the participants’ experiences.

Presentations and takeaways from the event are available for Beltug members (after login).

  • Centre for Cybersecurity Belgium: NIS2 – New challenges and opportunities
  • AholdDelhaize: The user perspective
  • Belgian Mobile ID: The user perspective

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