Many Beltug members are customers of SAP, and have shared with us their questions and challenges regarding SAP’s software licensing policies, including (among others): how the licence models will evolve (especially in terms of the growth of cloud services) and how to cope with indirect access.

We organised a 2-part, users-only workshop with our members to look into the issues. In the first part, we met without SAP to share knowledge about SAP licensing. Together, we had a ‘first-go’ at best practices and mapped the existing concerns to prepare for the second part of the session. In this second part, three representatives of SAP joined us to discuss our questions. Presentations are available to Beltug members (after log-in):

  • Beltug presentation: SAP two ways
  • Deloitte presentation: The evolution of SAP licensing models over time
  • Stibbe presentation: The challenges of SAP contracts and indirect use

SAP also provided the following documents (additional links to information from SAP are provided below the event summary):

  • Indirect Access Guide for SAP installed Base
  • Pricing for the Digital Age – Digital Access