In this session, the common theme from all speakers related to bringing information together, whether to monitor ICT security or software security. We need to change our ideas about security, moving from a reactive to a proactive stance, driven by the knowledge that security incidents will occur through suboptimally designed software or zero-day weaknesses. But the organisation needs to be prepared to react quickly to avoid a complete shutdown.

Fortinet described the security posture that can bring us to ‘cyber security Nirvana’, while the Software Improvement Group discussed what makes security-by-design so difficult to achieve. Then we heard the story of EpiCURA’s security strategy to protect against cyber criminals targeting healthcare providers. Finally, we got further insight from Picanol about how they are using the learnings from their ransomware attack to create a ‘zero-trust’ action plan, together with Orange Cyberdefense.


Presentations, takeaways and the recording from the event are available for Beltug members (after login).

  • Fortinet presentation: Cyber security Nirvana: the sum is greater than the parts
  • Software Improvement Group presentation: Security by design: How to make it work
  • EpiCURA user story: Cyber security, a hospital challenge between lobbying, best practices & resources
  • Picanol user story: Picanol’s zero trust action plan