In this Debate Room, we discussed the measures organisations are already taking, the choices, the struggles, and the lessons learned so far. After a brief introduction by Proximus, the floor was opened for discussion. We finished up with special guest, author Isabel de Clercq, who has her own insight into what ‘hybrid’ really means.

We have drafted a Paper (available after log in) that explores some of the pitfalls and learnings of your Beltug peers, as well as their ideas on fuelling innovation. In this Paper, we talk a bit about technology, but more about people. How can they be successful and find satisfaction in their daytoday work? And how should management help to support their employees in this changing world?

The presentations and recording from the event are available to Beltug members (after login).

  • Proximus presentation: The hybrid game: will you stick with your ‘full house’, or deal a new hand?
  • Isabel Declercq’s presentation: Connect, share, lead