Your information security strategy has to minimise the impact of security incidents on the organisation’s operations. But the business also has a responsibility to provide you with input: not only on what is crucial to them, but on the risks they are willing to take, too.

What happens when IT goes down? How resilient is the organisation? How can it continue its activities? And how does the information security strategy take that into account?

At this N-sight, we started with an explanation, from delaware, of how business continuity is a responsibility that reaches far beyond the IT department. Then, we heard how Corialis Group started its strategy discussions with one question: How flexible is your department in the case of an unexpected event?

Beltug members can download the presentations after log-in:

  • delaware presentation: Linking strategy and business – ensuring business continuity and crisis management
  • Corealis user story: How to get organised when your IT is down