2015 BELTUG Market Study: The Belgian Business ICT Market, An exclusive report for our members

What's happening with the Mobile Wave...what do companies expect for UC and cloud... what is happening with software licences audits and security measures...what are the upcoming trends for telecoms in the business market? The 2015 BELTUG Market Study report tackles these and many other questions.

For the second year in a row, BELTUG has carried out a Market Survey amongst our members, with three primary objectives: to inform our members, to support our positions and lobbying efforts, and to share information between members. This year, we received a total of 317 responses: 252 from BELTUG members and 65 members from V-ICT-OR (ICT managers from local Flemish governments. This members-only report provides the results from the BELTUG members.

You can see the Table of Contents below, and BELTUG members can log-on at the bottom of the page to access the full report.

1       Introduction: Why a market study by BELTUG?

2       The Mobile Wave

     2.1        Mobile device evolution

     2.2        BYOD adoption

     2.3        Mobile device management concerns

     2.4        Mobile Device Management (MDM) and tools

     2.5        Penetration of the mobile OS for mobile devices

     2.6        Supported applications

     2.7        The future of fixed phones

     2.8        Machine-to-machine M2M

3       Communication tools

     3.1        E-mail in the cloud

     3.2        Negotiating cloud contracts

     3.3        The UC market

     3.4        Market shares of UC products in Belgium

          3.4.1   Penetration of UC and voice suppliers

     3.5        Integrating UC and telephony

     3.6        UC and voice already integrated

     3.7        The use of social collaboration tools

     3.8        Is videoconferencing used to support "at home" work and/or to reduce travel?  

4       Telecommunications

     4.1        Mobile calls between employees included in the flat fee

     4.2        Roaming costs

     4.3        “One Number”

     4.4        Is your company still using a "classic" (TDM) PBX?

     4.5        Will it be replaced?

     4.6        Indoor coverage

     4.7        Is indoor coverage for the mobile networks an issue in your building(s)? 

     4.8        Did your organisation invest in indoor coverage?

     4.9        Operator-specific versus operator-independent solutions

     4.10    Is Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWiFi/VoWLAN) implemented at your organisation? 

     4.11    With Voice over Wi-Fi, the wireless network also handles calls. Do you think Voice over Wi-Fi for corporate telephony is mature?

     4.12    Is WLAN becoming the primary connectivity method for your employees?  

     4.13    Are you familiar with SDN (Software Defined Networking)?

5       Proximus as most important operator

     5.1        A single provider for fixed and mobile services

     5.2        Conclusions

6       Security..

     6.1        Employee-installed software on the PC

     6.2        A mobile security policy

     6.3        The use of Skype

     6.4        Are the following tools used to secure the organisation’s infrastructure?  

     6.5        The use of identity & access management

     6.6        Do you believe that you are required to report a data leak to public authorities?

7       Software license audits

     7.1        Have you already been audited for software licences (including audits running or announced)?

     7.2        Overview of the software vendors

     7.3        Evolution of the audits

8       Methodology

     8.1        Participants


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