BELTUG talks indoor coverage with BIPT, prepares Position

Some 50% of BELTUG members revealed that indoor coverage is a serious issue for them, in the BELTUG market study. New technologies and better building insulation, which can block signals, are making this a growing problem.

We took our concerns to BIPT, which has now launched a consultation of the market.

In addition, we believe that the building sector also should be sensitive to the issue: solving indoor coverage needs would be much simpler if dealt with from the start of a new building project.

We also need affordable, operator-independent solutions. Currently, if the company changes operator, the indoor coverage also much be changed – a sizable task, and one that leads to vendor lock-in.

Finally, do we need standardisation on an international level?

A BELTUG Position on indoor coverage,with a description of the possibilities and issues, has been prepared (in Dutch only).