Changes ahead: BELTUG defines its strategy for the coming years

The world of ICT and digital technology has been evolving, and BELTUG is committed to evolving with it. For many years, our scope was defined as "telecoms". But that identity no longer reflects the reality of our members, our reach or our responsibilities, as our most recent member surveys make clear.

We have carefully developed a new strategy that will allow us to continue to meet the needs and expectations of our members. This includes extending our scope to the digital technology needs of the connected organisation.

So who are we?

Firstly, we affirm our identity as a user group; a group of business users of digital technology acting on behalf of other business users, from any sector. We also value providers as part of our community, as associate members.

As BELTUG, we create a community that helps digital technology leaders maximise the potential of digital technology. We do this by continuing to offer members valuable contacts and information sharing, through our 35+ activities each year, which are based on the priorities of those members. These include corporate networks, cloud services, security, mobile, software license issues, privacy & data retention, contracts, and more.

We also act as the lobbying arm for our members, working towards a barrier-free environment in which they can build their digital strategy. We reach out to government and suppliers, to give voice to the positions, views and needs of the business users.

Our membership formulas have been adapted to reflect our focus and identity, and we are contacting our members to communicate the specific changes and advantages for their type of membership.