BELTUG-Agoria ICT cooperative meeting on e-billing to public bodies

On 20 November 2015, BELTUG and Agoria ICT (workforce e-billing) joined forces to discuss the challenges of the rollout of the compulsory business-to-government e-invoicing plan in Belgium. A delegation of BELTUG members with an e-billing project or experience, joined the discussion.
As in other countries, e-invoicing will be gradually made compulsory for the Belgian government as well. Billing details will be transmitted to the authorities using a UBL standard (Universal Business Language) via the Mercurius centralised e-invoicing platform.
BELTUG agrees with the decision of the government to implement e-invoicing; however, we have several concerns, on timings, workload, feasibility, communication and costs. This is especially the case for businesses that invoice multiple public bodies.

As a result of this meeting BELTUG’s position will be updated with new information and sent to our members as soon as possible. We were informed that our Position will be on the agenda of the new installed ‘Governance committee for e-billing’ to discuss our issues and get coordinated answers. We promise to keep you posted of new information!

BELTUG members can view the presentations below (just log in).

-The challenges for service providers, Ferdinand Casier, Business Group leader e-Invoicing, Agoria ICT

-Experiences with on-boarding, Serge Libert, Project Leader e-billing, Fedict


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