BELTUG X-change: Cloud and its Security Risks - 26.05.2016

Presentations from the BELTUG event "X-change on cloud and its security risks" now available.

Security and the cloud: conflicting concepts, or complementary components of the digital technology world?

As you move towards cloud, what changes in terms of your security?  How do the risks evolve, and in what specific areas does your security increase or decrease? In this X-change, we heard real-life expertise and best practices, and learned about BELTUG’s checklist to prepare for the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The session was very interactive: our participating members were attentive and even critical at times in their questions and remarks. The overall conclusion is that the marriage between cloud and security requires continuous effort.

The session started with Erik Van Zuuren, Founder of TrustCore.EU - ITME-s2 Topic Leader, Solvay Brussel School; we investigated a few pitfalls and questions to ask when moving towards Cloud. Among the eye-opening insights from Erik: for a hacker, it doesn’t matter where your data sits – the question is only whether your data is interesting to hack or not.

It should be similar for a security officer: the location of your data shouldn't be important, he has to make sure all policies and protections are in place.



The second speaker was Marc Vael, Chief Audit Executive at Smals, Security Task Force Member at G-Cloud and President of ISACA Belgium.  He explained how to use the universal assessment model Smals developed, to help evaluate the security of cloud services. Marc also alerted the audience to a new kind of business in the market: Cloud Service Brokerage.



The final presentation of the day was from Danielle Jacobs, our BELTUG director, who provided an update on our GDPR Checklist.  She gave an overview of BELTUG's most recent actions on the subject and how we will move forward.



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