BELTUG UPDATE - 19 October 2016 - seeking answers for the GDPR - impact of government e-billing - global roaming - software licenses and compliance - and much more!


The results of the BELTUG Priorities Survey 2016 are available for BELTUG members! Just log in to find out what matters to Belgian ICT decision makers. We'll be using these findings to organise events and X-changes, build pragmatic cases and write valuable papers - so they line up with the real priorities of our members.


Minister De Croo recognises BELTUG as the voice of our members

While recently speaking about the achievements of Digital Belgium (the action plan outlining the digital long-term vision for Belgium) Alexander De Croo, Minister for Telecommunications and the Digital Agenda, highlighted the role of BELTUG, saying that we "continuously contribute".

BELTUG seeks answers for the GDPR: take-aways & presentations from the X-change plus co-operation with the Privacy Commission

The EU data protection regime (GDPR) continues to raise questions, including regarding the IT implementation, and BELTUG is working to provide clarity. We met with the Privacy Commission to go over our members' issues and concerns, while our dynamic X-change was packed with information and vibrant with questions...Read more...

INTUG/BELTUG presents CoC for Software Publishers to software asset managers and publishers

With our Code of Conduct for Software Publishers complete, we are now building support for this key document. We presented it to +-100 Software Asset Managers at SAMS Europe, and have sent it to BSA/The Software Alliance, which will distribute it to their members. We will also send it to certain software publishers ourselves...Read more...

BELTUG publishes case studies on the impact of the government's mandatory e-billing initiative

In just a few short months, suppliers to the Flemish government will need to use e-billing to invoice: are you ready? Our members still have many questions, which we aim to help answer. We have created 3 case studies, exclusively for our members, to evaluate the consequences of e-billing and assess its impact...Read more...

INTUG getting a voice in plans for global roaming policy

The ITU Let’s Roam the World Initiative offers a neutral platform for dialogue and brings all stakeholders from across the sector together to exchange best practices and define strategic guidelines on International Mobile Roaming.  Jan van Alphen, board member of INTUG, has been invited to be part of the consultation, to ensure that the voice of the user is heard...Read more...

Net Neutrality: BEREC publishes its Guidelines

BEREC has published its Guidelines of common rules for Net Neutrality. The Guidelines address some of the issues raised by BELTUG/INTUG in our Position, in which we highlighted our support of Net Neutrality, but underscored that the needs of business users must be approached differently from those of consumers...Read more...

BELTUG moves forward on indoor coverage, with working groups on construction and transparency

Indoor coverage is a problem for half the companies in Belgium, and BELTUG is continuing to strive towards the availability of affordable, multi-operator solutions. This includes carrying out our role leading two BIPT working groups. One aims to raise awareness within the construction industry, while the other focusses on creating transparency for fluctuating situations, such as when a building tenant changes or when a company wishes to switch mobile operator...Read more...

Insights and inspiration from the Tour de France and the Prime Minister’s Chancellery, plus ICT Decision Maker priorities, at the BELTUG Member Forum ...

We were pleased to offer some very special presentations at our Member Forum, including a look into how technology is changing the fan's experience of the Tour de France, and how the Prime Minister's Chancellery adopted unified communications in the face of budget and time constraints...Read more...


BELTUG speaks at the CIO Leadership Summit


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Kluwer/BELTUG Expert Class on software asset and license management



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