BELTUG UPDATE - 28 November 2016 - Privacy and data protection - agile development and contracts - software licenses - new BELTUG event format - and more!


Based on our priorities survey, we're putting together our BELTUG program. We already have more than 25 events scheduled - including our VIP Evening on 15 March, so save the date! Take a look at our Agenda to see what we have in store for you so far...

BELTUG speaks on GDPR at Senate privacy colloquium

On October 18, the Belgian Senate organised a colloquium on the impact of new technologies on privacy and data protection.  Academics, politicians and business representatives gathered to discuss the topic. Representing the interests of the business users was speaker Danielle Jacobs, BELTUG's General Manager.

Are you up for agile? Takeaways from the 26 October 2016 X-change

Traditional 'waterfall projects' may offer transparency and clarity, but the call for flexibility, efficiency and reactiveness is making us consider the benefits of agile development, and the agile contracts that go with it.  At our X-change of 26 October 2016, companies and experts shared real-life experiences and lessons learned.

BELTUG talks software licences and priorities with Z-ICT

On Kanaal Z and Z-ICT, BELTUG has been speaking about key topics: challenges in software asset management, and the priorities of CIOs in Belgium. The GDPR takes the lead, but other priorities include security, cloud and mobility. Either way, IT security should be high on the agenda of every company's board meetings.

Software licencing: update on cooperation with BSA + new letter campaign

In June 2016, BELTUG/INTUG were invited to visit BSA/The Software Alliance headquarters in London to discuss the letters some of our members had received from the BSA regarding verifying their software licence compliance. While we are pleased with the positive collaboration so far, unfortunately we have been informed by BSA of a new letter campaign in Belgium. We hope that these letters take a more constructive tone than the previous letters. Should you receive a letter from BSA, you are welcome to send us a copy!

BELTUG launches new 'N-sight': topical information events for members

We're introducing new events to meet our members' priorities: N-sights will offer members a chance to learn from experts about specific issues. Speakers will offer insights into trends, new technologies and evolving legislation. Topics will be based on the yearly Priorities survey and our members' concerns and ideas.

Your BELTUG team puts on a fresh face

Who ever said modelling is an easy job? The BELTUG team is now certainly convinced to the contrary! With a new look for our website on the way (more news will follow in the coming months), we felt the need to refresh ourselves as well, and show our best side. Luckily we were in the capable hands of skilled professionals, with the result that we now have pictures of your BELTUG team to be proud of. Read more...

Welcome new members

A warm welcome to our newest members: Alphacloud, Beaulieu ICT nv, CFE Contracting nv, Comparex, Elmos, Eura Nova, Facebook, Fox-IT, Hays Services, LoQutus nv, RedHat, SQ Networks and Tobania.


BELTUG/Kluwer Expert Class: Developing a strategic procurement approach for software assets and licensing


X-change: Upwardly mobile: is your mobile fleet optimised and secured?


N-sight: Mobile Payments


N-sight: Digital Signature - introduction eIDAS in Belgium


VIP Evening