Beltug Update 14 March 2017 - VIP evening - eIDAS and e-archiving - GDPR - IT security providers - and much more!



All through the year, we aim to make sure you stay up-to-date on evolutions. At our yearly VIP night, 15 March, we get the chance to go even further, with an inspirational keynote by Prof. Dr. Johan Albrecht on the impact of Digitisation and Artificial Intelligence, combined with plenty of opportunities to network and discuss. We've had 350+ registrations for the always-popular event!


Ready built? Indoor coverage for mobile communications. Takeaways from the Beltug N-sight: 16 February 2017

People now perceive indoor coverage as a 'right'; they expect it unthinkingly. How do you enhance indoor coverage in your offices and within your company walls? Beltug has been keeping a finger on the pulse of this hot topic for years. Find out what our experts had to say and share.



Towards a competitive market for e-archiving: Beltug Position

On 1 July 2016, the European eIDAS (electronic IDentification and Authentication Services framework) came into force, with the aim of building trust in the digital economy, through reciprocal recognition of electronic signatures. Belgium has added an e-archiving element to the law, and Beltug has developed a Position (Dutch only).



Preparing your roadmap to GDPR: Beltug's tools and activities

The GDPR comes into effect in little more than a year. Beltug continues to support members in preparing, with a range of tools - and more to come! - plus opportunities to learn from experts and peers at our X-change and N-sight events. Check here to see what's new and find useful information and tools.



Beltug enables market study with Orange, Proximus and Telenet

For the first time in Belgium, Beltug has come together with Orange, Proximus and Telenet to undertake an extensive study of the Belgian ICT market! Over 1540 respondents were interviewed, representing all layers of the Belgian economy - from one-person businesses to large multi-nationals. Beltug members will soon have access to an exclusive report on the results from companies with >200 employees.



EC adopts roaming fair use policy and wholesale rates

The European Commission has formally adopted fair use rules for ending roaming charges in the European Union in 2017, while the Council presidency reached a provisional agreement with the European Parliament on new wholesale caps, which will be around 90% lower than current ones.



Authentication matters: How digital can you go? Takeaways from the N-sight: 19 January 2017

Digital Belgium, national laws, digital signatures, eIDAS: these are just a few of the topics covered by our experts. Clearly there are still plenty of hurdles in the path towards a digital world!



Beltug Consultation: IT security providers

Beltug carried out a Consultation on choosing an IT security provider.  This is clearly an area which touches many Beltug members, as we received quite a few responses with information, and also requests to publish the results. The anonymised results are provided in an exclusive report, for Beltug members only.



Beltug evaluates BSA tools

For some time, BSA/The Software Alliance has been sending letters to companies in Belgium, asking them to log-on to the BSA site with information and tools to support their efforts to ensure compliance with software licensing requirements. Beltug has evaluated these tools and information, and has some comments for members.



Welcome to our new Partner, Veritas, and our new members - now Beltug is 1350+ members strong!

We would like to welcome our new Partner, Veritas!

We are also very pleased to welcome our impressive list of newest members: Allianz, iGuards, Tiense Suikerraffinaderij, Quant ICT, De Stroomlijn, Lydian, Keppel Seghers Belgium, Nabalia, CGI Belgium, Comitor, SGS, Euroports, RTL, Eura Nova, 2in1 Communications, Eubelius, Veritas, AG Insurance, IOPS Consulting, Texet Benelux, Datacenter United, Rode Kruis-Vlaanderen, F Van Lanschot Bankiers, Meritel, Motrac Handling & Cleaning, Accenture, European Union General Secretariat of the Council, Vlaams Centrum Voor Kwaliteitszorg, BAM Contractors, Athena Graphics, CommScope, RTL Group, TOP consultants, Voxbone, SystemWaves, CIOclub and Kwinta.

We've had about 30 new members join us since the beginning of the year, bringing our membership up to 900+ digital technology decision makers, and 1350+ total members!




Beltug Cabinet meets Secretary of State De Backer


VIP Evening


Beltug meeting on the Beltug initiatives for the GDPR


Beltug speaks at the EU workshop on ''How to facilitate cross border dataflow in the digital single ...


Security: omni-present and omni-competent? (X-change)