Beltug recommendations - The end of roaming in Europe on 15 June 2017


Dear member,


Starting 15 June 2017, through the European regulation 'Roam Like at Home', costs for mobile roaming are lifted in Europe.  With that, mobile communication becomes much more convenient in the EU. Away goes the pressure to switch off the roaming setting on your mobile phone or to search for the closest wifi-network, when travelling in the European Union.

Yet, there are quite a few relevant and important watchouts. Reason why Beltug gathered a number of recommendations; take a moment to read them and check out what you can do to limit unwanted side effects.

These recommendations are based on the EU regulation and on the input of our members.  They are available here in Dutch for our members (after log-in) and will be published next week in French as well.


Best regards,
Your Beltug team