BELTUG UPDATE - 6 September 2017 - Exclusive GDPR Vendor Assessment tool - CFE's IT Security leaflet - and much more!


It may be the end of the summer holidays, but Beltug is getting a good start for the coming months, as our annual Summer Saturday for our members and their partners is now fully booked! This year, participants will learn to distinguish between bich and bichkes, during a discovery tour of Brussels. A great opportunity to get acquainted with other Beltug members in a unique, relaxing environment.


Your priorities, building our Action Plan

Our Priorities Survey received 276 responses this year, making it a big success! With topics such as Blockchain, GDPR, IoT, Software Asset Management and much more, we can now make sure that our events, activities, papers, lobbying efforts and more are based on the subjects that are important to you.  We will soon present our full Action Plan. As promised, we are giving away a champagne breakfast to every 10th respondant: take a look to see the lucky winners.


Beltug publishes GDPR Vendor Assessment questionnaire for members

How can you make sure your cloud provider is compliant with the GDPR? What do you need to include in your cloud contract clauses? To help you assess the GDPR compliance and readiness of your cloud provider(s), Beltug has published an exclusive GDPR Vendor Assessment questionnaire (available after log-in).


CFE shares IT Security leaflet with Beltug members

Sharing information and learning from each other's experiences is one of the pillars of Beltug’s mission. Long-time member CFE is stepping up, and sharing its internal IT Security leaflet with its peers at Beltug. The leaflet provides guidance for CFE employees to help them in combatting fraud and protecting sensitive data, and is available in French, Dutch and English (after log-in).


Beltug represents business users at Privacy Platform meeting on ePrivacy regulations

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is only part of the efforts by the European Commission to modernise the data protection framework. One other aspect is adapting ePrivacy legislation to align it with the new rules. In Belgium, Secretary of State De Backer is working on this process, including gathering the opinions of various stakeholders. He recently set up a meeting to discuss the ePrivacy regulations with the Privacy Platform, of which Beltug is a member, at his Cabinet offices. Beltug in particular considers that it is important to limit extra rules, as the GDPR is quite complex. We will continue to monitor developments regarding ePrivacy legislation, and to represent the voice of the business user and inform our members.


Beltug/INTUG take part in EU cloud stakeholders meeting

Beltug and INTUG took part in the European Commission's Digital Single Market Cloud Stakeholder meeting. The European Cloud Strategy and the work-in-progress Code of Conduct (CoC) for cloud service providers were discussed. The CoC, prepared by the Cloud Select Industry Group, is intended to make it easier for cloud customers to determine whether cloud services meet their data protection and GDPR needs.


Beltug events offer expert insight: takeaways

In the run-up to summer, Beltug organised several key events on hot topics including Amazon Web Services (AWS), an update on GDPR compliance, the impact of cloud on software asset management, cyberfraud and how intelligence services are using Big Data. Presentations from the events (questions/answers from the AWS Roundtable) are available exclusively for Beltug members (after login).


Ready to 'Roam like at Home'? Beltug recommendations

As of 15 June 2017, you and your colleagues can 'Roam like at Home' throughout the Member States, making mobile communication much more convenient.  But even without the pressure to switch off the mobile phone's roaming setting or search for the closest wifi-network, there are some potential and unwanted side effects. Beltug has put together recommendations for our members, based on the EU regulation itself and input from our members.


ITU invites Beltug to South Korea

Beltug will represent the voice of the business user at ITU Telecom World 2017 in Busan, South Korea, 25-28 September 2017. Danielle Jacobs, General Manager of Beltug and Chairman of INTUG, will contribute to the session on Data flows, ownership and security - The role of data in smart digital transformation.


Welcome to our new partner Atos and our newest members:

We are very pleased that Atos is taking over the Beltug partnership of its daughter company, Unify. Welcome Atos!


We also welcome all our new members: Logicalis SMC, Wimi Online, Odigo Advocaten, Havenbedrijf Antwerpen, Lebon IT Services, Vanguard Leadership, Fopas, Toyota Motor Europe, NRB, PSA Antwerp, Advocatuur Dirk Beeckman, Deltronic, IT1, Abbvie, Etex, Vivaqua, AXS GUARD, Cranium and Esterline

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