A superfast network for Flanders? Beltug Position for the Flemish Government

The Flemish government, spurred by Innovation Minister Philippe Muyters, announced at the beginning of October 2017 that it would like to fully equip Flanders with a fibre optic network and that, if necessary, a new network operator would be set up. The total cost is estimated at 3 billion euros, part of which would be paid by the Flemish government.


The fibre optic network would be rolled out by energy supplier Fluvius, the organisation formed by the merger of Eandis and Infrax. As the decision to set up a new public company or to allocate the roll-out of fibre optic to Fluvius will have far-reaching consequences on the business telecom market, we have assembled our thoughts on the issue. They are detailed in the Beltug Position “Een nieuw glasvezelnetwerk van de overheid voor Vlaanderen? Overwegingen van de bedrijfsmarkt.” (available in Dutch only).