90 pages of pragmatic guidelines for your corporate policy: 2018 update

Within an organisation, clear agreements between employer and employee are essential and benefit both parties.  But how do you draft a corporate policy that covers the use of smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs, and includes BYOD, while taking all the aspects into consideration?

How can you avoid misunderstandings or even conflicts regarding electronic communication and mobile devices? How can you keep control over the increasing costs of connecting devices to the corporate network, while also limiting security risks? And how do you ensure you are respecting the employee’s privacy?


These are just a few of the questions companies have to consider in today's communications universe. Beltug’s Recommendations on Corporate Policy paper brings together legal issues, security, Human Resources, ICT and social security insights. Best practices and needs for corporate policies evolve over time, so Beltug regularly updates the Paper.


For 2018, we have focused our updates on the very timely issue of privacy (with the GDPR), the new tax and social security rules, roaming, and communication tools made available to employees where, when and how they need them.


Log in with your Beltug member username and password to download the 2018 updated paper, with support to help you find the right answer, and right path, for you and your company. It is now available in Dutch (you can see the table of contents below) and in French.


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