EuroCIO meets EU VP Ansip at Roundtable

Meeting on GDPR, ePrivacy and Privacy Shield


Beltug/EuroCIO was invited to the Berlaymont building for a Roundtable with Vice President Andrus Ansip, responsible for Digital Agenda, and Commissioner Věra Jourová, on the GDPR, ePrivacy and Privacy Shield.


EuroCIO stated that companies continue to struggle with the GDPR, as their experience with the regulation and its requirements grows (for example, on the ‘Right to be Forgotten’ with cold backups). At the same time, guidelines are still being drafted.


EuroCIO believes there is a significant opportunity to help companies, small and large, by providing additional pragmatic tools and guidance so they do not need to continuously ‘reinvent the wheel’.



EuroCIO position


Following the meeting, EuroCIO put together a short position, which addressed EU-US relations, GDPR implementation and the ePrivacy Regulation. Some highlights:



At the Roundtable, Commissioner Jourova and Vice President Ansip both highlighted the importance of continued involvement from and dialogue with businesses.


You can read the full position by EuroCIO here.