Peer Practices: Portima and Beltug create security policy template

With security and related issues constantly among the priorities of ICT decision makers, Portima and Beltug have collaborated to create a document based on Portima's own security policy, which offers a template for organisations to create their security policies.


You can use it to outline and present your company’s general objectives regarding a security policy; it thus acts as an ‘umbrella’ document for all other security-related documentation.


In addition to providing a set of definitions and acronyms companies can use, it includes sections on: information security strategy, internal and external organisation of information security, mobile devices and teleworking, HR IT security, asset management and control, cryptographic control, physical and environmental security, and more.


The document is available in English, Dutch and French.


Our thanks to Portima for sharing their own security policy and collaborating on this document!


Beltug members have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in a broad range of important topics: if you have tools/documents you use in your company that you can share with the other members, send us an email and help us create more value for you and your peers.


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