Beltug drafts ‘Blockchain Memorandum’ for government

“Blockchain is a foundational emerging technology of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, much like the internet was for the previous (or third) industrial revolution”, according to the World Economic Forum. In the years to come, blockchain will play a tranformative role in more and more sectors, but for this to happen, the support of the public sector – national, European and global – is critical.


There is a lot to accomplish, at the regulatory level as well as the technological. For Belgium to ensure its continuing competitivity, the public powers must take an active stand: ensuring the right competencies are available, keeping legislation up to date with modern technologies, and representing the needs of Belgian users (i.e. the industries) for European initiatives and policies.


Beltug, with the invaluable input of the Blockchain Task Force, has put together a memorandum for the Belgian government that highlights some of the key issues requiring the attention of the public authorities:



Beltug members can read the memorandum here, in French, Dutch and English.