Beltug CIO Cabinet reflects on Beltug’s role & actions towards new European Commission

With a new European Commission installed for 2019-2024, Beltug’s CIO Cabinet met to discuss what role Beltug should play, what topics should be raised, and what positions we should take.


The new EC college recognises the importance of ‘digital’ on an economic level, but also the reliance of European companies on non-European players. The Commissioners welcome the voice of the business users – both companies and public institutions making use of ICT and digital services.


This means there is an opportunity for Beltug to ensure the needs and concerns of business users are heard at all levels.


Working with other CIO associations


To strengthen our reach, we are collaborating with the national CIO associations of France, the Netherlands and Germany. Like Beltug, these organisations are aware of the dependence of companies on software suppliers, and the market domination and concentration in several markets. They also understand the concern that European companies’ data is in the hands of non-European entities. We are in touch with associations in other countries as well, in order to strengthen the business users' voice.


Concrete actions planned for 2020


Based on the suggestions of the Beltug CIO Cabinet, Beltug will carry out the following actions in the coming months: