Challenges for ICT during Covid-19 and beyond: practices, policies and insights

Beltug members have been contacting us to find out how other companies are handling their ICT challenges in this difficult time. Beltug wants to be a ‘peer lifeline’ for ICT decision makers, whether they are at home or at the office, keeping their colleagues connected.


We carried out a Consultation asking our members to share tips and concerns about ICT during Covid-19. We received a lot of interest and responses: more than ever, companies are looking to learn from the experiences of other organisations. Thank you for the many contributions.


Covid-19 – Peer practices


We have brought together the input we received from our members. The 15-page paper includes insight into:



The paper is available for our members here (after login).



Extra information from IT providers


We have assembled extra input from IT providers into a separate paper for our members, available here (after log-in).



Real-life examples of homeworking policies


The responses from the first Consultation made it clear that companies are looking for inspiration and information on homeworking policies in the new circumstances: the massive scale of the shift, the need for more flexibility for employees, etc. A second Consultation went out, asking companies to share their own homeworking policies.


We are pleased to provide several real-life homeworking policies ( available to members after log-in), which have been anonymised, to provide you with ideas for tackling your own homeworking challenges. You can find them here.


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