From weakest link to unbreakable chain: the human side of security. Presentations from the Beltug N-sight of 8 October 2020

The best security system in the world won’t protect your infrastructure, data and assets if the people inside your organisation don’t ‘keep the doors locked’.


Unfortunately, good security puts limits on what staff and users can and may do: leading them to seek out workarounds. Which then weaken your security set-up and processes. It’s a vicious circle that becomes costly, wastes time and frustrates everyone.


So how can you balance the competing requirements of security measures that are both effective and user-friendly? How do you make your colleagues aware of the 'why' of these measures, and encourage happy compliance?


In this session, we found out what the National Bank of Belgium, Seris and Port of Antwerp are doing to meet the challenge. Plus, we learned how Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can support your security efforts.


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