Beltug's 'virtual' VIP: Being the local champion. Presentation from the 2nd evening, 28 October 2020

Every year, our annual VIP evening offers you insightful talks and plenty of time to meet with your peers. Due to the Covid crisis, we converted the event into two highly inspirational webinars, held on two evenings: 23 September and 28 October. On the second evening, we found out about the world of a local content and advertising champion.

Digital disruption has been changing the face of media consumption and giving rise to new consumer and advertising trends. DPG Media takes on tech giants such as Google and Facebook, to ensure we get more local content in our online and offline media.

Kris Vervaet, CEO at DPG Media explained how the company developed a dual transformation strategy, to continuously innovate new digital products, ways of working and talent, while managing its legacy business.

The presentation from this second session is available for our members, after log-in. You can also watch the recording of the event here.


And don't miss the presentation and recording from the first VIP evening on 'Hackers: behind the cliché', with Inti De Ceukelaire: Head of Hackers at intigriti, ethical hacker and bug bounty hunter! He shares how ‘ethical hackers’ began working with big companies, and insights on cybercriminals including recent observations in the Covid era.


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