RPA - diving into the potential of automation. Presentations from the Beltug N-sight: 17 November 2020

More and more companies are interested in the automation possibilities of technology. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a technique used to automate business processes. Initially it was aimed at automating based on how the user performs tasks; in other words, it would mimic or repeat the manual processes in the interface.


By taking over repetitive tasks from people, such as invoice processing, RPA leaves staff available to engage in work that can provide real added value for the company. Automation as a topic scored among the top 10 priorities in our annual Beltug Priorities Compass (see the summary in FR and NL), so in this N-sight, we took a look at it.


Jon Holvoet from Credendo set the scene: the company has begun evaluating the possibilities of an RPA solution. Then, Joris Van Ostaeyen of robonext explained how to strategically implement RPA. Finally, Bram Vanschoenwinkel of AE introduced us to ‘Cognitive RPA’, which adds Machine Learning into the mix.


Presentations from the event are available to our members (after log-in). Takeaways will be published soon.





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