'Hybrid IT environments: chaos or control?'. Presentations from the Beltug N-sight of 12 January 2021

Today cloud is everywhere: whether for infrastructure, software, platforms, security, etc. Cloud solutions offer a great deal of comfort, and IT architectures increasingly make use of cloud components. But the hybrid environment as a whole creates significant challenges for ICT, especially when cloud is combined with in-house solutions and/or on premise architecture, in a hybrid solution. So how can you govern this complexity, what is the right pace of your path towards cloud, what service management processes need to be implanted… the questions seem endless.


In this session, we started with the real-life case of how Fost Plus has combined a full-cloud IaaS solution with the reality of legacy and other projects that require a hybrid solution for the foreseeable future. Then we accompanied Groupe Bruxelles Lambert on their cloud migration journey. Finally, we learned how H. Essers selected and implemented new-generation ERP applications.


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