Creating cohesion when everyone is working from home. Recording from the Beltug Debate Room: 4 February 2021, 13h30

With most of our colleagues working remotely (from home), it’s very clear that the way our teams collaborate with each other has changed drastically. And the same holds true for management and coaching methods. These changes were forced on us by circumstances and were thus inevitable, but nevertheless they have created many challenges.


Considering the diversity of topics, Beltug has been supporting our members with activities that focus on one aspect or area. In September 2020, we zoomed in on the implications of ‘homeworking by default’ on policies and legal aspects. In December, we took on the digital side.


In this Debate Room, we talked about safeguarding people's 'mental ergonomics' in your organisation: how to keep ‘the troops’ working together and ensure cohesion? And how to keep your company culture alive and lively?


Peter Caestecker, Product Manager at Orange set the scene with a few practical examples. He shared the initiatives that were set up at Orange, including e-coffees and quizzes, 'mood polls' during lockdown, and connecting staff to people they could reach out to for psychological well-being.


Then the floor was open for discussion among peers.


The recording of the event is available for our members below (after log in). We will publish a paper with the tips and tricks that came out of the Debate Room later.




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