NIS Directive - the trek continues. Presentations from the Beltug N-sight: 25 March 2021

When building the security for your IT environment and working out your security strategy, there is a lot more to consider than only your own perspective and needs. There are also plenty of elements to incorporate and rules to comply with, from a regulatory perspective.


The EU directive on the security of networks and information (NIS directive) is an EU-wide legislation that aims at boosting the overall level of cybersecurity in Europe. Since 2018, companies identified as 'operators of essential services' have been required to comply to this set of rules. An updated version of the NIS is on the way, and will set boundaries for even more organisations.


At this N-sight, Orange Cyberdefense gave us a refresher on the current directive, and let us know what to expect from the upcoming update. Then, FARYS shared their real-life story of cybersecurity compliance.






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