SD-WAN & NFV is it time to jump on the virtual train? Presentations from the Beltug N-sight of 30 March 2021

Virtualised network solutions (NFV, SD-WAN) are a quite new technology, and many of our members are letting us know they need relevant information on the topic. They have a lot of questions: what's the business case, what types of organisations use the virtualised networks, how resilisient are these networks, what know-how does staff need to ensure the success of a network virtualisation project, and what are the cybersecurity issues and solutions?


During this session, we first heard from NTT, who took on some of those questions for us. Then, Etex shared their SD-WAN story, including highs and lows.


The presentations from the event are available for Beltug members (after login). Takeaways will be published soon.





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