Beltug is growing: meet Levi Nietvelt!

In order to continue to create value for our members, through events, papers, positions and more, the Beltug team is growing! We are very pleased to welcome Levi Nietvelt as our business manager. He has a three-part mission:

We asked Levi to introduce himself:

“I had the chance to work with Danielle Jacobs when the European Telecom markets were liberalised, so joining Beltug means connecting with a great and familiar energy. At the time, I represented the private users, working for BEUC, the European consumer organisation. Afterwards, I worked at the Dutch Embassy in Brazil, in public affairs and public relations at the European and Belgian level, and at the European Parliament. I also ventured into agriculture, at an organic farm, and into business development, at a certification body. Working with Beltug and its members will open up new and interesting questions for me, which I will be pleased to discuss. I'm also looking forward to meeting you, virtually for now, and in person (hopefully) soon!” - Levi Nietvelt