Which communication channels lead to an optimal customer experience? Presentations from the Beltug N-sight: 10 June 2021. INTERACTIVE VIRTUAL MEETING

According to Gartner’s 2020 predictions, this year we should see 15% of all customer service interactions going through chatbots, with a massive increase to 70% in 2022. This growth, of course, is conditional upon chatbots becoming more intelligent, driven by AI. In such a scenario, chatbots will become prevalent not only in customer service and sales, but also in IT and HR.


But while chatbots can be part of the modern customer experience, do they need to be? In the end, isn’t an optimal customer experience what the client (internal or external) wants - not the technology behind it?


Felix De Clercq, Digital Strategist, and Wim Vergouwe, CTO, both from delaware digital, presented us with their model for the optimal customer experience. Linking the customer experience to processes is key. Chatbots might be a part of that experience, but not necessarily. They shared a case where the company was storing data in 23 different places. Any chatbot they implemented would need to consult all 23 databases – and would very likely fail.


Nils Vanhauwaert, COO at Upgrade Estate, shared two very interesting tools they use for customer interactions: Assemblo and Tapazz. The company had launched chatbots in the past, but realised that their clients (students and young professionals) were communicating via WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, for convenience. Nils explained the crucial role of the human factor in the customer experience. In their latest project, they will use various technologies to create a good customer experience, but will implement ‘coaches', who are real people.


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