The human element in your ICT - weakest link, strongest link, or both? Presentations from the Beltug X-change: 24 Nov 2021

In IT, the tension between technology and human becomes very obvious in the fields of security and privacy. On the one hand, human staff can open the door to risks and threats, through inattention or error. On the other hand, they can be an invaluable part of your security measures – what our speakers call 'the human firewall'.


In this session, we first heard from Wim Nagels of DPD about the evolution of user adoption and awareness, and what this means for the future responsibilities of IT. Then, we discovered tips, tricks and strategies for building a ‘human firewall’ from Davy Cavens of AE. Finally, Sofie Pieraerd of KU Leuven shared the real-life experiences of the university to build awareness in a complex environment, where students and researchers come and go each year. We wrapped up with an interactive session enabling participants to share their own experiences, ideas and do’s and don’ts.


The presentations from the event are available to Beltug members (after login):



The human element in your ICT - weakest link, strongest link, or both?

Ann Guinée, Communication Manager, Beltug (English)


User story: Does awareness lead to adoption or the other way around?

Wim Nagels, CIO, DPD (English)


Strengthening your human firewall

Davy Cavens, Technical Security Architect, AE (English)


User story: how KU Leuven's e-mune information security campaign is building its human firewall

Sofie Pieraerd, Hoofd Klanten- en Servicecentrum ICTS, KU Leuven (Dutch)



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