Dependency on cloud providers versus the trinity of vendor management, contractual practices and sourcing. Presentations from the users-only Beltug X-change: 24 Nov 2021

Many organisations have transferred part or all of their IT to the cloud. Drivers for doing so include less upfront investment, faster deployment, enhanced scalability, increased device and location independence, and perceived cost reductions. At the same time, sales models have changed towards SaaS-only, specialisation has led to fewer options, and greater competition is decreasing interest in experimentation. The result is a feeling of growing dependency on cloud providers.


But which dependency are we talking about? For what types of cloud services? What vendor practices are aggravating dependency – and even leading to lock-in? And finally, what can organisations still do to limit their dependency on their cloud providers?


At this X-change, we took on these questions. Kris Maes of Galapagos set the scene, focussing on what organisations can do before committing to a specific cloud-based provider, and referring to Beltug’s work on fair commercial practices. Then, Jan Joos from Stibbe discussed the possibilities from a legal point of view, both contractual and regulatory. Finally, Pieter De Meulenaer, 4ATOM, walked us through some of the drivers of the cloud model, and shared real-life examples of the options for organisations.


The presentations from the event are available to Beltug members (after login):


Dependency on cloud providers versus the trinity of vendor management, contractual practices and sourcing

Levi Nietvelt, Business Manager (English)


User story: IT vendor management - a tactical approach to choosing your dependency

Kris Maes, IT vendor manager, Galapagos (English)


Choose your weapon: legal tools for combatting harmful dependence

Jan Joos, Lawyer, Stibbe (English)


No miracles: using governance and sourcing to avoid dependency

Pieter De Meulenaer, managing partner, 4ATOM (English)



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